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Ken Endris

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First and foremost I will never be able to express enough gratitude to the community of Fouke for allowing me to work with such outstanding co-workers, wonderful students and fantastic parents. My wife Debby and I have talked about relocating our home to Fouke, but in 2007 we did build a house in Hooks, Texas since her mother, herself and four of our eight adult children graduated from Hooks High School. I was born in Pana, Illinois and at the age of 15 my family moved to Beaumont, Texas. After graduating from Beaumont High School I received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, was drafted into the military, received a Masters of Education with Prairie View A&M and an Administrators Lifetime Certificate from the University of Houston. I also hold a Gifted and Talented Certification from the University of Arkansas. I taught in Katy, Texas for 20 years, but In 1993 our family moved to Northwest Arkansas. In 1993 I was hired as the principal of the Winslow School District, in 2000 hired as the principal with the Lincoln School District and for the past 11 years I have been fortunate enough to serve as a principal in Fouke. Please understand that you may contact me at anytime, even on week-ends if you have a concern or suggestion. My cell phone number is 903-824-7829. One of my favorite quotes is," If you want to climb to the mountaintop, find a cause bigger than yourself."

Mayflower ship of 1848: History of my Family Heritage
My great, great, great grandfather Johann (John) Adam Endris disembarked from the good ship Mayflower on May 11, 1848 at the Port of New Orleans with his wife Elizabetha (Elizabeth) and five of their six children and a daughter in-law, Anna Mantz Endris. The family sailed or embarked to New Orleans from Le Havre, France. The passenger manifest of the ship Mayflower, lists the occupation of John Endris as a farmer. The birthplace of John Adam Endris was Alsace-Lorraine, (now part of France), but at that time was in western Prussia. John and Elizabeth had 6 children, of which the eldest, John Adam Endris was my great, great grandfather. John Adam Endris married Anna Fischbach who was born in Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany and they had 7 children. John Adam Endris and Anna Endris's eldest child was John Anthony Endris who was my great grandfather who was  born on August 17, 1847 in Kentucky, USA. My great grandfather married Susan Weisenberger in 1871. My great grandfather John Endris was a cigar maker and he owned a brickyard. My great grandparents had 12 children of which the seventh born was my grandfather George Anthony Endris who was born on July 11, 1884 in Pana, Illinois. (the birthplace for myself) Grandfather George married my grandmother Ethel Mae Fox in 1906. My grandfather was also a cigar maker, owned a grocery and a tavern. My grandparents on my Dad's side raised 9 sons. Six of these brothers, including my Dad, served in World War II and they all returned safely, but lost several friends in the Pacific Theater of Operations including Tarawa Atoll and Guadalcanal. My father was Robert Thomas Endris (deceased) and he married my mother Clara Mae Carroll (deceased) on September 11, 1944. I have two brothers, Robert, Jr., Steve (deceased) and one sister Patricia living in the Houston Metroplex and Northwest Arkansas. From the Mayflower Ship to Fouke, Arkansas. Good day mates!

Ken Endris

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